A magazine for those living with loss and actually living... 

Our Mission at Get Griefy Magazine: 

At Get Griefy Magazine, our mission is to illuminate the path to healing and hope for those navigating the profound journey of loss. We are dedicated to creating a compassionate and empowering space where individuals living with grief can find solace, inspiration, and a sense of community.

Our commitment is to go beyond the conventional narratives surrounding grief and loss, acknowledging that life after loss is not only about mourning but also about embracing the strength to live fully. Get Griefy Magazine seeks to redefine the conversation around grief, providing authentic stories, expert insights, and practical resources that empower our readers to navigate their grief journey with resilience and purpose.

We aspire to foster connection and understanding, bridging the gap between those who are grieving and the support they need. Through a blend of heartfelt narratives, expert advice, and uplifting content, we aim to inspire our readers to not only survive but to thrive in the face of loss.

Get Griefy Magazine is more than a publication; it is a lifeline for those on the path of healing. Join us as we navigate grief together, fostering a community that celebrates life, resilience, and the enduring spirit that emerges from the depths of loss.

Kera Sanchez, 


Kera is a High School Spanish teacher in the Chicagoland area, a mom of 2, and the wife of a Navy veteran. 

In June 2022, days after the birth of her youngest child,  her mom unexpectedly died at the age of 57 while she was vacationing in Italy. Kera found herself navigating grief and postpartum as a two-for-one special. The more she ruminated on her situation, the more she accepted the brevity of life. In her grief, she created "Legacy Letters Guided Journal" a journal that allows users to create a handwritten legacy of love, advice, and support for their loved ones. Later publishing this journal in Spanish, as well as a second Journal, "No Legacy Lost", which is a grief and memory journal to remember those we have lost. 

She also started to document her grief journey on Instagram and searched far and wide to find other grievers with whom she could relate. She was able to find solace in the stories of triumph over loss and form strong connections with other grievers through the magic of social media. She quickly realized how many people were living with loss who also came back fighting for joy stronger than ever. The stories of different types of loss, lessons, and creative expression truly amazed her.

Using her skills as an educator, facilitator, creative, and community builder, she decided to found and create Get Griefy Magazine in November of 2023 and published the first issue in February 2024. 

She now serves as Editor-in-Chief and is the face behind the brand. 

To learn more about Kera, and her Journals, visit www.legacylettersjournal.com and follow her on Instagram, @legacylettersjournal.